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High above the acacia crowns of the Kenyan steppe, the impressive animal herds of the Serengeti in view - a view for which Denys Finch Hatton climbs into his "Gipsy Moth" biplane as often as possible. But before the British aristocrat would become a famous bush pilot, Finch Hatton is faced with a far-reaching decision: try to recover a lost fortune in England or blaze new trails - in the unknown African wilderness?



Scion of the aristocracy, student at the famous Eton College - Denys Finch Hatton's life at the beginning of the 20th century seems to be proceeding in a well-regulated manner. But behind the chic façade, the first cracks begin to appear, for his ancestors have gambled away a handsome fortune. Young Denys is faced with a choice: get a high school education and marry rich or dare to do something new.

In 1911, the 24-year-old Denys Finch Hatton undertakes a journey that is to shape his life. He visited South Africa with relatives and was fascinated by the continent, which was foreign to him. In the same year, his uncle leaves him a small fortune. Finch Hatton does not think twice and travels to present-day Kenya to buy a farm there, without any previous knowledge, but with a great sense of adventure. From then on, he spends most of his years in Africa, but not as a farmer - he leaves the local work to a partner - but as a big-game hunter, safari guide, bush pilot and, what he is probably still best known for today, as a game guide and, what he is probably still best known for today, as a lover of Karen Blixen.



It is his relationship with the Danish writer and coffee farmer Karen Blixen that inspires the film "Beyond Africa". In 1985, this film is also released in the country Denys Finch Hatton visited in 1911 and which changed his life: Kenya.

At that time, the young German Roger Brandts is in South Africa. Similar to Finch Hatton, he is also fascinated by the Black Continent - and by the life of the British adventurer, which he gets to know through the cinema film: "When I did a 6-month internship in South Africa in the mid-1980s in preparation for my studies in textile engineering, and during that time the film "Out of Africa" was also released in cinemas, I was captivated. Not only by this wonderful continent, but also by the person Denys Finch Hatton, played in the film by Robert Redford. A great man who took his liberties and who loved the nature and wildness of Africa." - Roger Brandts Roger Brandts



The name is quickly found: Fynch-Hatton, in homage to Denys Finch Hatton, who impressed with his independence, his love of adventure and his love of freedom. The business plan is quickly drawn up, but now it's time to convince buyers and suppliers. Not an easy matter: competition is high and not everyone shares Brandts' vision. But just like Denys Finch Hatton, Roger Brandts, with the help of his initially still small team, remains persistent and does not allow himself to be diverted from his path.



Slowly but steadily, Fynch-Hatton is beginning to establish itself. And as the range of products grows, so does the Fynch-Hatton team, which has turned Roger Brandt's idea into a success: the distinctive fashion brand with the umbrella acacia as its logo, the typical tree of the African savannah. Together they work towards one goal: to live up to Denys Finch Hatton's love of adventure and spirit. True to Brandt's motto of "making", the range has been steadily expanding for 20 years - from knitwear products to Total Look, i.e. everything a man needs to be well dressed. And not only the products, from shirts to trousers to shoes, are becoming more diverse, but also the locations of the Fynch-Hatton shops. Today, men can buy Fynch-Hatton clothing in around 55 countries and in the online shop, and at a fair price, because the Fynch-Hatton team has set itself the goal of offering its customers stylish, high-quality fashion that suits every situation in life. The main goal is to remain flexible and honest and, like Denys Finch Hatton, not to be afraid of adventures.

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